At Hurdal Verk Folk High School we welcome international students!


We offer courses in Norwegian language, and foreign students will be integrated into classes with students who speak Norwegian and English.

Our school is located only 30 minutes from Oslo Airport, and one hour from the capital Oslo. You will be close to amazing nature and find Norwegian friends of your own age.

Are you thinking about studying in Norway? A year at Hurdal Verk folk high school is a good prerequisite for success as a student.



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These topics aim to give an introduction to subjects or areas that are new to you, or of which you wish to gain a deeper understanding.

Optional courses / Electives consists of approximately 6 hours of teaching per week.

Examples include:

  • Digital photography
  • Snowboarding
  • Boxing
  • Guitar playing
  • Crossfit
  • Massage and injury prevention training
  • Horse riding
  • Ice fishing
  • Drawing and painting
  • Volleyball/ Beach volleyball
  • Climbing
  • Wilderness life
  • Handcraft
  • Chinese language
  • And many more…

Learn more about our Electives


Some classes are obligatory for all students.

  • Saturday seminars (4 hour pr week)
  • Christianity and ethics (2 hour pr week)
  • Coping with Life (2 hour pr week)
  • Information from and about the school (1 hour pr week)
  • School choir and music-listening (2 hour pr week)
  • House service, House groups (1 hour pr week)

Learn more about our compulsory subjects


We offer Norwegian language and culture class to non-native Norwegian speakers.

Lessons are held at the same time as some of the compulsory subjects (2-4 hour a week).

Except from the Norwegian classes, most teaching are held in Norwegian, and fellow students will help with translation. Norwegian youths speaks English very well, and are helpful with translation in everyday life. Our experience is that integration for foreign students tends to go very smoothly. Folk High School is probably the best way to learn Norwegian, and gain experience with Norwegian culture.

Usually we do have non-native students and thereby an international setting at our school. Making friends with people from different countries and cultures is exciting and rewarding.

The language course at a Folk High school can give you basic language and writing comprehension, but is usually not  sufficient to write the language test for University entry.


Every student is also offered a personal guidance program.

The Norwegian folk high school does not give any exams. Grades are given only in conduct and participation, our focus is the personal growth and development of each individual.


The school year starts around August 20th, and terminates in the middle of May.

The School Year is compiled of an autumn and a spring semester, totaling 33 weeks of school attendance.


The average age of the students at Hurdal Verk is around 19-21

You have to turn 18 before the school begins to become a student at our school.


All lessons are free of cost at Hurdal Verk Folk High School

The costs you have to cover are Registration Fee, Board and lodging, Common cost, Main Course cost, and room cost, if you choose a room with a higher standard.

Prices vary depending on which main course you choose. Choose your Main Course to see the current prices.



Do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you have any questions

Email: post@hvf.no

Phone: +47 63 92 06 00


1. High well-being and satisfied students

The analysis company EPSI conducts a survey each year among former students at all the folk colleges. The user survey for 2021 showed that Hurdal Verk is among the 25% best schools in terms of customer satisfaction. We score particularly high on well-being and environment, with 91.7 out of 100 points, which is far above average. We work actively to ensure that everyone feels seen, included and respected, no matter who you are.

2. Proximity to Gardermoen and Oslo

Our school is located rural and peaceful in a small village called Hurdal, but only 30 minutes from the country’s main airport, Oslo Airport. This gives our foreign students a great advantage when they arrive in the country, as they avoid transit journeys to other places in the country. The students also benefit from the proximity to Gardermoen when they go home during the holidays. What’s more, Oslo is only 1 hour away by public transport from the center of Hurdal.

3. More than 70 electives

Elective subjects are a refreshing break from everyday life, where you can try out many new subjects. We give high priority to elective subjects at Hurdal Verk. In normal weeks, we have electives 2 days a week. In addition, we have elective weeks, We offer approx. 70 different elective subjects.

4. The best study tours

At Hurdal Verk, we have extensive experience in arranging educational and meaningful study trips. We have destinations in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Among other things, our journeys aim to create an understanding of other people and cultures, and give you experiences you need for life

5. Training facilities

We know that many of our students like to work out, which is why we have 2 modern gyms, indoor skating ramp, gymnasium, beach volleyball court. 9-hole Frisbee golf course, park with swimming area and football field at the school. Within 2 km, we have an artificial turf field, a sports hall, an alpine resort and miles of groomed cross-country skiing tracks.

6. Norway's most beautiful folk high school

Perhaps you are not spoiled by attending beautiful school buildings and surroundings? But did you know that it actually has a lot to say for well-being? Many of our students say that they wanted to go to Hurdal Verk because it looked so beautiful. We dare to say that we have Norway’s most beautiful folk high school. At Hurdal Verk, we have also invested a lot in nice premises and facilities for our students, and have refurbished many classrooms and common rooms recently.

7. The best weather

Here in Eastern Norway, we are lucky to have the most stable climate in the country. We normally have hot summers and cold, dry winters with stable snow conditions.

8. Good food

Good food is important for well-being. We are committed to serving good, varied and nutritious food. We listen to the students and develop the menu in collaboration with the student council.

9. Dedicated staff

At Hurdal Verk, we have a dedicated staff consisting of a good mix of young and experienced employees. Most of them live on the school grounds, which gives a special closeness to the students, and enables us to look after and see the students well.

10. Great variety in subject offerings

Our great variety of courses and subjects means that you get to know both people who have the same interests as you, and people who have completely different interests. This means that you also get the opportunity to try your hand at subjects that are completely new to you. If you are on the Adventure group, you can, for example, choose riding as an elective.


Where is Hurdal Verk?

Our school is located in Hurdal, only 35 minutes from Gardermoen, and 60 minutes from Oslo S.


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