Explore Norway

Are you dreaming about Norway? To learn the language. See the country. And not only learn about the country and its culture, but be a part of it for a whole year? Explore Norway might be your chance to fulfill this dream.

Explore Norway

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Learn the Language

One main goal is to learn the language good enough to talk with your Norwegian friends in Norwegian. We will have norwegian lessons several times a week, and in the end of the year we will have Norwegian as our main language in class. Those of you who are planning too study in Norway may also take the Bergenstest.

What is Folk High School?

Folk high schools in brief
Folk high schools are one-year boarding schools offering a variety of exciting non-traditional and non-academic subjects, as well as academic subjects. The idea of folk high schools is learning for life, an opportunity to grow both individually, socially, and academically in small learning communities. All students live on campus in close contact with staff and their fellow students. One important part of the folk high school experience is to form a community, in and out of class.

The whole person

The folk high schools do not grant degrees or conduct exams. They are a supplement to the regular education system, with the aim of nurturing «the whole person». You develop knowledge in a subject you will make use of every day for the rest of your life: yourself. By taking away the pressure of grades and exams, you learn to motivate yourself. You choose the topics that interest you, for instance outdoor life activities, theatre, sports, music, creative arts, media and communications, just to mention a few.


You will be a part of the Norwegian culture. At a Norwegian school together with a lot of Norwegian students from all over the country. You will also learn about Norwegian history, culture, music and arts. You will learn to cook Norwegian food. Both everyday food and food for Christmas and other holidays.


Norway has a lot of wonderful nature. You will experience the mountains through hiking trips and you will learn cross country skiing!

Our trips

We will travel a lot to see the different parts of the country. After this year you will might have seen more of Norway than an average Norwegian youth.
We will visit several Norwegian cities. Bergen, Trondheim, Bodø, Tromsø and of course the capital, Oslo. Oslo is actually only one hour from our school.

Our first trip will be a hiking trip in one of the Norwegian national parks. We will stay in huts, experience the wonderful nature and get to know each other better.
The next trip will be a city to city trip. We will go by train to Trondheim and Bodø. Then by air to Bergen, by boat to Stavanger and then by train again home to Hurdal.

In winter we are going to visit one of the coldest places in Norway, and also a world heritage site, the picturesque city of Røros.
We are also going to northern Norway. We will visit Lofoten, Tromsø and Alta. You will experience whalewatching, reindeers, a lot of fantastic nature and the famous northern light.


Our School is situated in Hurdal, a small village only 30 minutes from Oslo airport Gardermoen. Hurdal has a lot of beautiful nature, perfect for outdoorlife. You will get to try canoing, hiking, crosscountryskiing, icefishing and dogsledding.

Who does it fit?

You are between 18-23 years. You wants to explore Norway for a whole year. Our lessons will be in english so you have to understand and talk english.

Costs Explore Norway

With us you will have your own room, 4 meals ready made every day, access to the washer and dryer, kitchenette with fridge and stove, living rooms, fitness room, gymnasium and other activity rooms.

You can apply now, and we have no deadline for applications. You can apply until the school starts in August.



  • Enrollment fee NOK 2.200
  • Diet and lodging NOK 75.000 Includes 4 meals a day and your room. (Supplement for higher standard rooms – look further down)
  • Shared costs NOK 14.000 Includes excursions with the whole school, expenses for shared equipment, copying, internet fee, semester fee, accident insurance, student ID, etc.
  • Individual expenses There are extra costs for a few electives

  • Room supplement: 

    Single room without private bathroom (shared bathroom) 0, –
    Double room with en-suite bathroom: NOK 570,- per mth
    Newer double room with en suite bathroom (highest standard): NOK 870, – per mth
    Newer single room with private bathroom (highest standard): NOK 1250, – per. mth
    Note: We cannot guarantee that everyone gets their first request for room type.

Course cost Explore Norway NOK 27.000 Includes all Explore Norway excursions around Norway, and all activities. During travels, a minimum of breakfast and one hot meal is included every day.

TOTAL NOK 118.200 Room supplement comes in addition.


Learn more about our school

About Hurdal Verk

Explore our website to get more information about Hurdal Verk folkehøgskole. As the rest of the information on our website is in Norwegian, we recommend you use google translate to translate it into your language. (See bottom of the page).